Hairy Creampie

Hairy CreampieI was starting to catch on. And the idea was making my cock twitch and harden even more. I started to stroke slowly, bringing myself nearly out all the way and then pressing myself back inside, and holding there before drawing slowly out again.

"Sure" I whispered. "Go for it"

Her eyes closed and I could feel her belly tense. The muscles of her quim tightened around my shaft for a moment as I stroked into her, and then I could feel a warmth growing around my balls.

"Can you feel hairy creampie?"

She was looking at me again, expectantly. My realization of what was happening was sending me into the land of no-return, giving me dizzy head and balls that were rapidly contracting in preparation for orgasm.

"ooh yea" I replied.

Her muscles tensed again, and I could feel more hairy creampie spreading around my shaft.

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